The Mission

Faith and Hope Independent Living is dedicated to providing the highest quality of patient care with compassion, love, faith, integrity, hope
,  respect, and the highest ethical behavior.

Faith and Hope Independent Living is committed to deliver individualized, cost-effective and comprehensive services to homebound patients through collaboration with a multidisciplinary team to achieve a quality of life where they assume all or partial responsibility for their health care needs and maintain in a familiar environment.

Faith and Hope Independent Living assists employees to perform with a high level of ethical behavior and integrity in conjunction with all applicable laws, regulations and policies, to prevent waste, abuse, and fraud among employees. 

The Vision
Faith and Hope Independent Living will be known to the community as a provider of quality independent home health care. 

The Goals
1.   To provide a high quality of comprehensive health care service through a coordinated plan of care for the ill, aged and disabled residents of the community.

2.   To provide healthcare teaching to the patients/family members in order that they can make informed choices and decisions about home healthcare services related to their self-defined unique needs.

3.  To support the agency's objective to create an environment which enhances staff development and provides high quality service that involve the patient and family in the plan of care and allow active participation whenever possible.

4.  To serve as a resource and educate with positive communication skills to our patients and their family, physicians, employee agency personnel, health and welfare agencies and the community regarding support services.

5.  To provide ethical leadership and establish adequate internal Medicaid compliance systems to enforce ethical and legal conduct to prevent fraud, waste and abuse.

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